How to Log-in to MyQC

MyQC is Queens College’s password-protected intranet portal intended for sharing internal information and communication. It is designed exclusively for faculty, staff, and students and is accessible 24/7.

In order to log-in to MyQC. Please click here.
Then Click on “Login to MyQC”
A small window will pop up asking for username and password.
Your username for MyQC is the same username as your CAMS, (your QC email username.)
Your password is also the same.
When you activate your CAMS account, it enables you to log-in to your QC email account, computers around the campus, as well as log-in to MyQC.

Please note:
Certain users need to add prefix to the username in order to log-in to MyQC. Faculty/Staff may have to type qc\ before their username. Students may have to type instr\ before their username. But if you have tried both ways and it still does not work. You may want to check your CAMS username and password and ensure that you are typing the correct credentials.



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