How to Register for Classes on CUNYfirst

In order to register for classes you have to activate your CUNYfirst account. If you have not yet activated your CUNYfirst account, please follow the instruction below to do so.

  • Visit
  • Click on first time users
  • Enter your information, first name, last name, date of birth with slashes. So for example for January 5st, 1990 type 01/05/1990
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your SS#, and then click on OK.
  • On the next page you should see 5 drop down menu. You should select 5 challenge questions from the drop down menu and then answer them. Please select questions that you are most likely going to remember the answers for it.
  • On the next page you will then select your password. Please make sure that your password is at least 8 characters and at most 13 characters. You must have at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number in your password.
  • Please do not confuse your password that you select with your CUNY ID (empl ID)
  • At the end write down your CUNYfirst username (first name, period, last name, two numbers) and your 8 digit CUNY ID.

Once you have activated your CUNYfirst account, go back to the home page of CUNYfirst then log in.
Click on Self Service on the left side of the screen
Click on Student Center
Search for classes
Add them to your shopping cart
Then click on enroll, and proceed with the registration.
Confirm the classes in your shopping cart.
Finish enrolling.

If at any point during this process you come across any problem, please do not hesitate to call us at 718-997-4444


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